What happens when you give to the Norman Community Foundation?

• You will become a catalyst for positive change and community improvement
• Your invested resources will create a greater impact on Norman than an individual contribution alone


Designated Endowment

A permanent fund established by a donor who specifies that the fund’s available grant dollars be distributed annually to one or more specific public charities in perpetuity.

Fiscal Sponsorship

A temporary fund established for (a) an emerging nonprofit organization, (b) a specific short-term project, (c) small scale volunteer directed charitable activity or (d) corporate disaster/hardship fund.

Download the Fiscal Sponsorship Application and Guidelines.

Find out about fiscal sponsorship funds across the state.

Donor Advised

An endowed or non-endowed fund in which the donor (or a person or committee appointed by the donor) may recommend eligible charitable recipients for grants from the fund.  (Note: under the Pension Protection Act of 2006, Donor Advised Funds are prohibited from holding assets when the aggregation of such assets held by the donor advised fund, donor, donor advisors and related parties exceeds 20 percent of the voting stock or profit interest in a business entity.  All such excess holdings will be divested within five years.)

Scholarship Fund

An endowed or non-endowed fund established by a donor or donor organization to provide support for individuals who are pursuing some training or educational opportunity.

Field of Interest Fund

An endowed fund that utilizes the available grant dollars in a specific program area or charitable purpose.

Community Fund   

Endowed and non-endowed community-wide fund(s) with a local advisory board that utilize available grant dollars for a broad range of issues and needs within a specific community, county, or region.

Unrestricted Fund

A permanent fund that utilizes available grant dollars to support a broad range of community issues.

Agency Endowment Fund

A permanent fund established by a nonprofit agency for the benefit of the nonprofit agency; the community foundation annually distributes a percentage of net assets back to the agency for purposes stated in the fund agreement.

Escrow Fund

A temporary fund established by a donor or donor organization for some future yet undesignated charitable purpose.


You will become part of a responsive, visionary and inclusive funding program
that will have lasting benefits in our community.